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Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am an organizer.  I love to organize.  Mostly I love getting rid of useless crap.  This past weekend, I had the chance to do a lot of it.  I went to visit my boyfriend at his parents’ house, and he decided that he was finally willing to actually clean his room (instead of just stuffing everything into a drawer or under the bed and saying “clean!”).  So we spent two days going through his closet, drawers, desk, bookshelves, and under the bed.  I discovered things that hadn’t been touched for 10-15 years.  We’re talking about elementary school here – scary, isn’t it?!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any before pictures, but here are some “in progress” pictures.  This was actually about 2/3rds of the way through.

Newly organized bookcases.  Sorry for the blurry picture!  (And don’t worry, the cord got fixed later.)

Here’s the closet now.  In case you can’t tell, he collects shoes.  If you think it still looks full now, it was overflowing before.

After we went through everything, we were able to rearrange his furniture and make a much more functional space.  Functionality was definitely the key to this space.  I would have loved to keep going and redo everything, but all he wanted was a functional space that he could spend time in.  Now he has it!  (And I may have a future as a professional organizer.)

P.S.  You’re welcome. 🙂

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Candle Displays

I have two spots in my apartment that I always have trouble decorating.  The first is the top of the bookcase that divides my living area from where my bed is.  Its one of the first things you see when you walk in the door, and its basically in the center of the room.  The second is my “mantle”.  It’s actually just a shelf, but I think of it as a mantle because it’s the focal point of the living space.

For the bookcase, my biggest challenge is filling the space.  Here’s how it looked back in December.

I liked the look, but once winter was over I had a hard time figuring out how to update it.  The vases got moved around to other areas and for a while I just had a few small things scattered on it, which didn’t really make it the focal point I wanted it to be.

Here’s my latest version.

I bought the candleholder so that I would have one piece to really focus on, and then built it up from that.  It was sorely lacking in color at first, so I added the ribbon to the candles, but that really wasn’t enough – the candleholder was just fading into the bookcase.  I looked around and saw the yellow fabric, which I’d gotten as an option for another project but ended up not using.  It was a great bright spring color, so I just folded it up and then put a piece of glass on top of it (from this project).  Then I added some tea candles (because I have a lot of those and not so many pillars), and also a few extra little mirrors leftover from my bulletin board for a little more sparkle.

My “mantle” has always been pretty empty, because I’m still looking for a mirror or some other large object to really build things around.  Here it is in December.

I moved some of the candles to the bookcase, so I had to fill it in a bit.  I used the pieces of slate that my mom mailed me.

It’s pretty simple, but it’s working for me right now.  The “faith” in front of the slate reminds me that a little faith is really all you need to make it up the mountain you might see in front of you :).  I’m still looking for something to add a little height though, so any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Catching Up!

I feel like I’ve been away from blogging for forever!  I had a bit of a creative drought and didn’t have any projects to talk about, but now I’m back :).  I finally got around to hanging up a few things that had just been propped up against the wall for weeks (my bulletin board and a mirror).

I also made a very simple ribbon holder.  I’ve seen some gorgeous ones out in blogland, but I just went for very quick and easy.

Yes, it is propped up on a couple of nails.  Don’t judge me.

It doesn’t look like anything special and I’m not sure how sturdy it is, but it works.  It also fits in the very strange cupboard I have – the shelves are so narrow that I can’t actually store anything in there, but putting the ribbon in there frees up some more usable space.

Keep checking back, more to come soon on my adventures in the kitchen and the garden!

Beautiful Bulletin Board

Remember this frame?  I decided to glaze it.  It looked beautiful and I loved it…until I started to put together the bulletin board to go inside it.  A bulletin board has been on my list of projects since I moved in, and I was thrilled to finally be getting it done, but it was really not working out.

It looked terrible (real life was worse than the picture).  The brown fabric looked reddish and clashed with the rest of the room, and the frame looked dingy.  So I bought a couple other fabrics to try, but none of them looked any better, so I repainted the frame and suddenly it worked!  The brown fabric was brown and the frame looked beautiful.  Huge sigh of relief.

The bulletin board is just batting and fabric stapled around a piece of cardboard that came with the frame.  I hotglued my ribbon to the back, stapled down the points where they crossed, and then glued little square mirrors at each point.  I absolutely love the mirrors – I’ve never been much of a girly girl, but I do love things that sparkle!

Word of advice – I wouldn’t recommend using a striped fabric, especially one with any stretch, for this type of project unless you’re a very patient person.  My stripes ended up quite squiggly (but its all the same color, so I didn’t care too much).

Into the frame…

And its done!  (Well it still needs to be hung up, but I’ll get to that eventually.)

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Faux Chandelier

I saw this post about creating a “chandelier” a few weeks ago and have been thinking about doing something similar ever since then.  I absolutely love glittery, glam chandeliers, but there was no way to ever fit one in my current apartment.  My lighting is basically a track with three lights, so I thought I would try doing something with the center light, because its directly over my “living room” area.  I didn’t take any before pictures, but you can see part of the track here.

Here are my supplies.  Two different sizes of clear beads, beading thread, and a pair of scissors.  It cost me $3 for the bag of bigger beads and I had everything else already.  But even if you had to buy every single thing, you could do this project for $5-6.

I just knotted the thread, slid on a small bead, a big one, and then repeated at roughly equal intervals for the length of the thread.  Usually I measure things out, but I did this kind of haphazardly and it worked out wonderfully, so I don’t think any planning is necessary for this.  I did 17 strands, each with 6 sets of beads.  It takes a while, but its easy to do while you’re watching tv or something.

Then I just tied the strands around the light and cut off all the loose ends.  You can still see all the knots if you look closely, but who would do that?

I love the way it looks finished.  It shines beautifully when the lights are on, and it gives my seating area a really warm, cozy feeling.  What do you think?

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To Glaze or Not To Glaze?

I found a beautiful frame at the thrift store the other day, but I wasn’t really a fan of the color.

Gorgeous detail though!

So I spray painted it in Heirloom White (I’d heard so much about it that I had to give it a try!) and it turned out beautifully.

Now comes the problem.  My original plan was to glaze it to bring out all of the details.  But now that it looks so nice I’m afraid to try it!  I’ve never glazed anything before and I have no idea how it would turn out.  So what do you think?  Glaze it or leave it be?

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Last-minute Valentine’s Decor

Yes, I procrastinate.  I did one Valentine’s Day project about three weeks ago, but never got around to doing anything else with all of my fun Valentine’s supplies.  So last night I finally made a Valentine’s card to send my parents (which I of course forgot to mail, so they’ll get it around the 18th or so) and this Valentine’s garland.

I took a bunch of little wooden hearts, painted them, and then embellished them with anything I could find.  I hotglued loops of ribbon to the back of each and then glued each loop to the longer ribbon so that they would stay where I wanted them.  It was a really fun project and it will probably stay up way past Valentine’s Day :).

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