Candle Displays

I have two spots in my apartment that I always have trouble decorating.  The first is the top of the bookcase that divides my living area from where my bed is.  Its one of the first things you see when you walk in the door, and its basically in the center of the room.  The second is my “mantle”.  It’s actually just a shelf, but I think of it as a mantle because it’s the focal point of the living space.

For the bookcase, my biggest challenge is filling the space.  Here’s how it looked back in December.

I liked the look, but once winter was over I had a hard time figuring out how to update it.  The vases got moved around to other areas and for a while I just had a few small things scattered on it, which didn’t really make it the focal point I wanted it to be.

Here’s my latest version.

I bought the candleholder so that I would have one piece to really focus on, and then built it up from that.  It was sorely lacking in color at first, so I added the ribbon to the candles, but that really wasn’t enough – the candleholder was just fading into the bookcase.  I looked around and saw the yellow fabric, which I’d gotten as an option for another project but ended up not using.  It was a great bright spring color, so I just folded it up and then put a piece of glass on top of it (from this project).  Then I added some tea candles (because I have a lot of those and not so many pillars), and also a few extra little mirrors leftover from my bulletin board for a little more sparkle.

My “mantle” has always been pretty empty, because I’m still looking for a mirror or some other large object to really build things around.  Here it is in December.

I moved some of the candles to the bookcase, so I had to fill it in a bit.  I used the pieces of slate that my mom mailed me.

It’s pretty simple, but it’s working for me right now.  The “faith” in front of the slate reminds me that a little faith is really all you need to make it up the mountain you might see in front of you :).  I’m still looking for something to add a little height though, so any ideas would be much appreciated!

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3 responses to “Candle Displays

  1. Beautiful display on candles! I love candles!

  2. I love your little “faith” sign! That is totally cute!

  3. Looks like you’re working you way through these and you’re on a path of coming up with an arrangement you love. Jane F.

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