Cooking for One

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to eat better.  Not necessarily healthier, but more interestingly.  When you live alone, its easy to fall into a very boring pattern.  A chicken breast, a sandwich, a frozen pizza, a bowl of pasta.

It’s not quite as fun to try out new recipes when you don’t have anyone to share them with, but its definitely still worth it.  In the last few weeks I’ve made Italian Wedding Soup, a delicious stuffed pepper filling (ground turkey, orzo, romano cheese, onions, and garlic), meatloaf, and pesto from fresh basil.  But since I’m only one person, I had way more than I could eat of all of this.  So I froze a lot of it, which is great, because now I can have a delicious homemade meal in about 5 minutes.

However, my freezer is only so big, so I really do wish there were more recipes out there for only one person.  I’m actually quite surprised there’s not.  So many people live alone or eat alone regularly – its a huge market waiting to be targeted!  I do make just one serving of chicken or pasta frequently, but its not very exciting.  And occasionally I mis-measure and end up with way too much – like the time I made pasta with carmelized onions, toasted walnuts, and romano cheese.  At the last minute I decided I wanted some leftovers, so I added some more pasta to the pot without really thinking.  I ended up with so much that I ate it for at least one meal a day for about a week and a half.  I wish I was exaggerating.

But anyway, my biggest challenge is baking.  I have a huge sweet tooth and love to make cookies, brownies, cakes, and anything else that sounds good.  Unfortunately most recipes make at least 2 dozen cookies/brownies and they’re very hard to cut down.  I need 1/8 and 1/6 measuring cups (and a way to split an egg in half accurately)!  And I’ve just given up on making cakes :(.  It’s not quite as enjoyable when you have to force yourself to eat it before it goes bad!  I’d love to find some good one-person desserts.

So do any of you have any advice about cooking or baking for just one person?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


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