How Not To Make A Pillow Cover

Step 1: Don’t measure the actual pillow.  Instead, measure the pillow cover that’s already on it.

Step 2: Decide that the cover on it has too much overlap and subtract a few inches from the length of the back pieces.

Step 3: This is the crucial step.  Do not think even once about seam allowances.  Then cut your fabric.

This would be what I did this weekend.  (Can you tell I’m a very amateur sewer?)  I hemmed the pieces that overlap, pinned all my pieces together and realized they barely touched.  So I repinned it so that they overlapped about half an inch, but that took away from the length of the pillow.  I thought it was a total failure, but figured I’d sew it up and try it anyway.  Miraculously, it fit!  It made for a very firm, plump pillow :).

It peeks out a bit in the back, but who sees the back anyway?

This was my other accomplishment.  Much less stressful 🙂

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