Chair Transformation

What a lovely long weekend :). I replaced the seat of this chair with new webbing and recovered it in a beautiful fabric.  Here’s the before.

And now!

Here’s a cost breakdown for anyone’s who’s interested.

  • Chair: $30 (probably could have gotten it for less, but was too excited to wait or bargain!)
  • Chair webbing (6 yds): $5.34
  • Upholstery tacks: $0.97
  • Foam (2 ft): $9.66 (50% off!)
  • Fabric (1 yd): $4.89 (also on sale)
  • Ribbon: $2.09 (40% off coupon)
  • Total: $52.95

So just over twenty dollars for a beautiful new seat on a beautiful chair.  See how I did it here!

On another note, my mom just mailed me some pieces of slate that she thought I could use for something.  They’re old roof tiles I think, and about 12″ by 7″ with two holes drilled in them.  Any ideas?

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5 responses to “Chair Transformation

  1. what a great transformation, you did a really nice job on the seat, looks very professional!

  2. Wow. Great job. I would love to see how you did this. I’m very impressed. Found you through TCB.

  3. Beautiful! What a great investment that was. You really know how to think creatively and I’m so impressed that you take on projects with “no clue” of how to proceed, just a vision of the end. That’s why I sent the slate!!

  4. Great job! I love the fabric you chose.

  5. This turned out so great! It was a lovely chair with great bones and now it’s a gorgeous chair!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

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