Slow Decorating

Earlier this week, The Nester had a post on “Slow Decorating” that I loved.  Instead of focusing on finishing everything, whether its a project, a room, or a house, we need to realize that there will be setbacks and we will never have an instant masterpiece.  Even if we could, is that really what we’d want?  There is so much to be learned in the process.  Especially with a new place – sometimes you really need to live in a space for a while and let it speak to you.

When I first moved into my apartment, I had a totally blank slate, so I came up with plenty of plans.  But of course I had almost no money (I didn’t even get my first paycheck until a month after moving in), so I couldn’t do much.  I have to say though, I’m glad, because I have a totally different vision now than I did at the beginning.  I also like being able to put more thought into everything, rather than picking out a whole apartment all in a day.  Maybe its because I tend to be indecisive, but I really enjoy being able to focus on one thing at a time, whether its a piece of furniture or just an accessory for a particular spot.  I can’t say when (or if) my apartment will ever be finished, but I know I’ll enjoy getting there!

Here’s a (slightly blurry) picture of my starting point.  What would you do with this space?


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